Effortless efficiency for you and your staff

Keep the whole schedule in one place, and easily link everyone's work back to payroll.
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  • “The time the online system has saved me and my staff allows us to focus on increasing our client base and generating revenue. What more could be ask for!?”

    Rory9 of Dublin, Ireland

  • “The ease of setup and copying of schedules has saved us literally about 15 hours each week in staff time.”

    JamesDanceBase of Edinburgh

  • “I could not be operating over 150 events per week, and managing 50 staff and financial analysis without MB.”

    TheLorax of Dublin, Ireland

  • “There is everything that you need here to not only run your business efficiently, but also cost effectively.”

    CJ02hot of England

  • “It is always up to date and I am able to improve my bookkeeping by using MINDBODY reports as a data source.”

    Simona1982 of Munich, Germany

Let everyone access what they need.

Each staff member gets a unique login, so they can check their schedules anywhere. Logins are unlimited: you can give one to your accountant and your tax guy, too, and adjust individual permissions to set what each person can view.

Know more at a glance.

For classes - Pull the roster to see who’s signed up, and who has or hasn't paid.

For appointments - Color coding tells you at a glance which ones are booked, confirmed, arrived, no-shows, or completed.

Tablet screen displaying class sign-in roster.

Update in seconds.

When things change, you can easily modify, reschedule, or cancel any appointment (or multiple appointments) on one screen.

Do it all, wherever the day takes you.

The MINDBODY business app gives you and your staff the freedom to update schedules and complete day-to-day tasks directly from your phone or iPad, no matter where you are.

  • Understand how to motivate your staff

    Track staff members’ success by the number of clients they bring in, the amount of retail they sell, and more.

  • Set overlapping appointments

    Expecting idle time while a client’s color is setting? Set an overlapping appointment with a second client.

  • Organise your rooms and equipment

    Book specific rooms or equipment in tandem with classes or appointments.

Track your payroll...

Have your staff clock in and out to track hours. For purchases, designate the products and services that receive tips or commissions, and MINDBODY will track those for each staff member, too.

We’ll calculate it for you.

When it’s time to issue paychecks, just run the payroll reports. You can even convert the information to ADP®, Paychex®, or Exact Payroll Services formats instantly.

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